How to get involved?

Who can join?

  • Associations
  • Companies
  • Individuals
  • Government
  • NGOs


What criterias your organization and sector must meet:

  • Having a direct link with / interest in bioenergy
  • Respecting the values and the message of the campaign
  • Have activities within the EU


What kind of support is expected?

In the framework of the Biomass Counts campaign, 3 levels of involvement are proposed in terms of communication. Your degree of involvement in the campaign will mainly depend on your will to participate. In any case, AEBIOM provides support and material for communication purposes.

  • Partners: the easiest way to commit to the campaign!
  1. Put the Biomass Counts campaign logo on your website
  2. Send an e-mail to your members/partners, inviting them to join us
  3. Announce on your Twitter and Facebook accounts that you have joined our campaign using #Biomasscounts
  4. Retweet our campaign tweets
  5. Integrate the message of the campaign into your newsletters
  6. You could also provide us with relevant case studies that could be displayed on the Biomass Counts website


  • Ambassadors: A personal involvement
  1. We will mention your name on our website with your photo and a written/video statement explaining why you are supporting this campaign
  2. Announce on your Twitter account that you have joined our campaign using #biomasscounts
  3. You will seize public opportunities to present the campaign


  • National representatives: if you wish to transpose a theme of the campaign at the national level
  1. Organise a session or main event in your country promoting one or all of the 4 main messages of the campaign
  2. You will be provided with all the relevant communication material in order to facilitate the national transposition of the campaign key messages
  3. We will attend your event and might be a speaker upon request
  4. We will actively promote your event through all campaign communication channels


How to apply?

Fill in this form and we will get in touch with you.

Where can we find the communication material?

Facts, figures, logos, promotional materials, and excellent examples of bioenergy use can be found on the website of the campaign, and can be downloaded in the “Tool box”.

More info

For any additional information, please contact Jean-Baptiste Boucher, AEBIOM’s Head of communications department:

Jean-Baptiste Boucher
Head of Communications
European Biomass Association

Address: Place du Champ de Mars 2
1050 Brussels, Belgium

Telephone : +32 2 318 40 36
E-mail :