For the creation of EU jobs & growth

IV. BIOMASS COUNTS for creating jobs and fostering our rural areas



Biomass is a driver to investments. It creates employment and fosters local rural economy. Bioenergy developments create employment all along the supply chain (forest management, logistics, commercialization, production of boilers and stoves, installations, maintenance etc). It also contributes to fostering rural areas through providing management and market opportunities to farmers and forest owners and through encouraging agricultural and forestry innovation.

The wood energy market is an opportunity for forest owners to finance forest management operations while improving their forests, a task that could previously be challenging due to the high costs and sometimes a lack of markets for low quality wood.

For example, bioenergy use can support thinnings which have beneficial consequences on the health and stability of forests, on biodiversity and enhances the growth of high quality timber. In this way, bioenergy actually improves the availability of wood as a sustainable source for other uses, including construction material.


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